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In this post we will talk about this special and mysterious gem the Amber. What is amber, what is its origin, properties of amber and how to clean amber. Do not stop reading this post because it is very interesting and helps us understand the value of Ambar’s jewels.

What is Amber?

Many people believe that Amber is a stone, it is not correct, Amber is a fossil resin. We traced 65 million years ago, where the Earth was a difficult place to survive, storms, hurricanes ,,,, after years of terrible natural catastrophes and insects that kept coming into their crusts, evolution made those prehistoric Hard bark trees developed a protective material to cover their wounds, so these trees began to bleed with this material, which being fresh caught the insects. This resin that the prehistoric trees gave off were fossilized in the earth. That is why it is very precious and valued in the Jewelry, since this sap is produced only by prehistoric trees.

Baltic Amber ;

The Baltic region is where the largest Amber mine is 80%, which is why it is known for Amber Baltic with an origin of 35/40 million years. its colors are varied, yellow is the most common, we can also find it orange and red.

Amber jewelry;

When you are looking for a Baltic amber necklace you should be careful where you buy it and from which company, since there are many imitations of Amber and that is why you will find very cheap Amber Baltic jewelry, but keep in mind that it will not be real amber jewelry. Because the real Ambar has a very high price in the market and the jewels you find cheap are Amber resin jewelry.

If you buy Baltic Amber jewelry from our firm Cloti Garcia Design you will be buying real Amber, our jewel will be accompanied by our certificate of authenticity.

When you buy an exclusive jewel from Cloti Garcia Design you are acquiring a 100% handmade Agate jewel in Spain.

The Amber is a delicate resin, it should not be in contact with chemicals such as fragrances or body creams, for its perfect cleaning we recommend using a soft damp cloth to rub very soft and keep the jewel inside its fabric bag.

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