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We are going to enter the deepest part of a firm like Cloti Garcia Design, we are going to take our minds to the daily work we do, the design, the assembly, the tests … we will talk about the complete creative process handmade jewelry that we carry out to get to create our best collections, so …. let’s go !!!

Creative process handmade jewelry

creative jewelry handmade

All the designer jewels of our fabulous collection are handmade jewelry, entirely created with the best materials, Czech crystal or Bohemian and cultured Pearls, Agate stones, the purest Nacre, Gold, Quartz of the most High quality, Onyx and even ostrich feathers make up our exclusive handmade jewelry designs.

Designing a jewelry collection;

We start with the inspiration ….. first we design on paper the necklace, what stone we want to add, the crystal, very important the season if it is winter or summer, what style we want to create ,,,, so once analyzed everything we begin to creative process handmade jewelry , sometimes we even create two or three and we discard until we are left with the drawing that inspires us the most.

creative process handmade jewelry

So we already have the design and the materials, and in our workshop we start to give life to that drawing. We make the model and do the tests on the neck to see the real effect of how the finished design would look, we improve the layout errors and when we have the perfect design finished, we continue with the Gold closure. We clean the stones so that they are very bright and we proceed to place the design in its cloth bag for its greater conservation.

This creative process handmade jewelry is long and delicate, since we demand perfection in each piece we create.

And in the end the result is a spectacular collection of unique and exclusive jewels.

Personal jewelry collection

initial handmade jewelry

Another of our collections of personal jewelry, these elegant designs with initial, there are several designs for the client to select which one she likes best or best suits her needs and select the initial one she wants for her necklace. They are jewels created to be used daily, since they are light, comfortable to wear and each one feels identified with its necklace for having its initial. The creative process handmade jewelry
We take special care to create these initial jewels, since they are designed to be used in your day to day and that is why they are fine and comfortable but exclusive and personalized jewels.

creative process to make a collection of handmade jewelry

Each design that you will find in our spectacular collection is different, but the initial model is the same for all necklaces, the initial is gold with small crystal beads and is on a mother of pearl base, since it identifies the firm by His passion for mother of pearl.

This elegant initial Voyta necklace and many more models you can see in our online store.

Our collections of fine jewelry such as freshwater cultured pearl necklaces designs among other designs, we always advise to avoid contact with chemical products such as cologne or body cream, because they are jewelry but if you do not take good care of the Gold , the pearl, the crystal ,,,,, lose their color and brightness. That is why we must offer care to our jewelry as in the previous post that talks about the care and maintenance of our jewelry.

Visit our online store and discover a beautiful collection of unique handmade jewels in Spain, each design is created thinking the most modern and elegant woman, high quality materials jewelry, we do not work imitations or resins, they are authentic minerals and stones Semi Precious selected with the utmost care to create our collections.

beautiful process handmade jewelry

It distinguishes us from other jewelers, the fact that our designs are unique and exclusive. Different designs, originals, glamourous and with their own personality. We make very few pieces of each of our designs. Buying jewelry online Cloti Garcia, is gaining exclusivity.
Talking about Cloti Garcia is talking about commitment and creativity in its purest form. This great jewelry designer with a brilliant and surprising professional career gets her designs to speak for themselves. The beauty and exclusivity of their jewelry designs are guaranteed.

When you buy a jewel from Cloti Garcia Design, remember that these designs are 100% handmade, our designs are exclusive limited editions.

The Cloti Garcia Design firm was awarded in the capital of Spain-Madrid in 2015 with the Gold Medal of the European Forum for its designs and career. Cloti Garcia Design was created in 2010, a small store in the center of Almería in Andalusia, starting as a multi-brand store, little by little I was creating my designs and advising my clients, they asked me for exclusive and personalized designs and on commission I started creating the designs and I ended up creating my own jewelry collections and that was when in 2015 I received this medal as a young entrepreneur for my work and career.

Visit our beautiful online store and discover a spectacular collection of exclusive jewels with limited editions handmade with high quality materials and natural minerals, an original collection of necklaces and jewelry sets;

To contact us you can send us an email with your questions and we will respond immediately:

About Noa Pecino

The firm Noa Pecino offers its clients exclusive designs in high-end necklaces using materials such as Czech Crystal, Cultured Pearl and Semiprecious Stones, carefully made by hand by the designer.

Elegant pearl headpieces, crystal and other materials that can be adapted to any hairstyle.

The firm Noa Pecino was born in Almeria Spain, more than 10 years ago, the young designer of 24 years of age began to design headpieces and women’s necklaces being motivated by her own clients of her boutique, little by little she discovered new inspirations based on elegance and subtlety of women.

At age 27, she launched her first collection for the first time, “Aires del Sur” being a success among her clients, organizing her own private fashion shows.

Proud of her own creations and the claim of her clients, she launched her second collection “Sueños del Sur” collection for which she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum and began a long work and trajectory with her designs in luxury necklaces, magazines, stylists, TV began to work with the firm Noa Pecino Design for its original and elegant designs.

Currently working with major shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingles” and with renowned designers.