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We love crowns of flowers and today we are going to discover new flower wedding headpiece, we will also talk about wedding headpieces for short hair and wedding headpieces veils, so follow us and discover this beautiful post with the best handmade headpieces.

Flower headpiece wedding;

Crown of flowers:

crown of flowers

This headpiece Atropos design is created with purple and green preserved flowers, Czech crystal beads and golden porcelain details. A special design for weddings that provides an innocent and beautiful look, also for bridesmaids, adapts to any type of hairstyle.
elegant and fragile, with beautiful colors, this crown of flowers is perfect for brides and bridesmaids. This design can be customized color.

elegant crown flower

This spectacular crown of flowers design is handmade with porcelain and gold stitch. A different and original flower crown with a romantic style. You can also contact us to customize the color of this crown of flowers. Designed with porcelain leaves and flowers we can create an original and elegant style, this crown can also be used for bridesmaids.

Vintage wedding headpieces;

headpiece flowers

An elegant and vintage style is this special headpiece Aura, a design created with light blue preserved flowers and golden porcelain details create a perfect fusion for a vintage bride, it is adaptable for any type of hairstyle.
This design is very easy to adapt and you can use it as a crown of flowers. You can also customize the color of this design. You will feel unique with this special piece!

Wedding headpieces for short hair;

headpiece jewel flower

One of the complications that are often presented to short-haired women is; what touch can I wear! Well, we don’t adapt, so our entire collection can be personalized with headband so that short-haired women can be comfortable and wear a nice headpieces. So you won’t have problems! Like this elegant headpiece Anuket design created with wire, enamel and crystal beads.

Wedding veil headpiece:

tiara flower

We love tiara headpieces with vintage style and this headpiece Artemisa design is perfect to place with a wedding veil, it is created in porcelain and painted in gold with brown profiles to give an aged look. It is easy to adapt to any type of hairstyle and the color is also customized.

When you buy a headpieces from Cloti Garcia Design, you are buying a job that was 100% handmade.

In this beauty collection our purpose is to meet the needs of the most romantic bride, My inspiration to create these headpieces is based on ancient weddings with those great castles and the beauty that surrounds large green trees where high royalty joined in marriage, from here my inspiration, from a medieval era story.

We love our work, our creations and we put all our love in each of the pieces that we prepare so that they reach our clients perfectly and feel comfortable with the headpieces they wear that special day like YOUR WEDDING.

We present the best floral wedding headpiece, our exclusive floral headpiece or crown of flowers handmade model with preserved flowers, Czech crystal and cold porcelain, a special and exclusive design ideal for weddings, celebrations or other type of events. We also emphasize, for its great beauty, our exclusive and unique maxi headpiece model Gea, especially beautiful among our headpieces, made entirely by hand and composed of cloth flowers, porcelain sheets and Czech crystal .

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Every detail counts and in Jewelry Stores want to make sure that your wedding headpiece is also exclusive and unique. That is the reason why all our bridal headpieces are customizable. You will find in each product page a small gap in which you can tell us what color you prefer so we will set the headpiece up according to your need and liking. Unique headpieces for unique brides at Jewelry Stores.

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Visit our online store and discover all our elegant collection of wedding headpieces;

In our online store, you can find right the wedding headpieces you are searching for. If you are looking for designer bridal crown of flowers, congratulations, you have landed into the right place. The notorious designer Cloti García has designed our whole collection of headpieces. Designs of exclusive headpieces of one of the best designers of bridal headpieces. Handmade designer bridal headbands made of the highest quality and with the best materials to make you look even more beautiful and radiant on your wedding day.

About Noa Pecino

The firm Noa Pecino offers its clients exclusive designs in high-end necklaces using materials such as Czech Crystal, Cultured Pearl and Semiprecious Stones, carefully made by hand by the designer.

Elegant pearl headpieces, crystal and other materials that can be adapted to any hairstyle.

The firm Noa Pecino was born in Almeria Spain, more than 10 years ago, the young designer of 24 years of age began to design headpieces and women’s necklaces being motivated by her own clients of her boutique, little by little she discovered new inspirations based on elegance and subtlety of women.

At age 27, she launched her first collection for the first time, “Aires del Sur” being a success among her clients, organizing her own private fashion shows.

Proud of her own creations and the claim of her clients, she launched her second collection “Sueños del Sur” collection for which she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum and began a long work and trajectory with her designs in luxury necklaces, magazines, stylists, TV began to work with the firm Noa Pecino Design for its original and elegant designs.

Currently working with major shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingles” and with renowned designers.