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The world of TV and Theater is a challenge, and styling is the same, you have to study perfectly which costume jewelry designs select to fit perfectly. Well, in this post we are going to talk about some spectacular handmade jewelry tv theater designs that have been protagonists in fashion magazines, artists and stylists.

These necklaces with novel and original by design, so, let’s see a collection that is inspired by my land, Andalucia, Spain.

Jewelry tv theater

Costume flower necklace;

jewelry tv theater

The Spanish stylist Cristina Rodriguez is always spectacular in the magazine “Lecturas” with our spectacular red bib necklace with large fabric flowers and red Czech crystal beads. The stylist in the red carpet of the premiere of the Spanish movie “A Monster Comes To See Me”

Costume necklace flowers colors

jewelry tv

Fashion magazine “the Dominican Urban supplement” This design was created for this magazine, a necklace of green and yellow flowers with freshwater cultured pearl beads. I create a lot of sensation and all limited editions were sold, it was designed in the Spring / Summer 2018 collection.

This spectacular flower and crystal necklace design is well known by the stylist Cristina Rodriguez, in Spanish TV programs, jewelry tv theater seeks to be original and stylish and that is recognized by stylists and celebrities as they look for different and unique designs.

Best jewelry for theater and tv

These two designs, large, were designed for our parade presenting the new collection, unique and exclusive handmade necklaces, our inspiration; The light of our Earth, Andalucia, with beautiful colors in Spring, a fresh air and with art. We love to create original designs, with our popular phrase “more is more” we have no limits when creating designs to satisfy the stylists who ask us for designs for their clients, All our jewels are handmade, designed and created by us.

When you buy a jewelry tv theater from Cloti Garcia Design, remember that these designs are 100% handmade, our designs are exclusive limited editions.

Jewelry for tv and theater

Single color?two designs from a spectacular collection Mayari necklace & Amaya necklace a different style, these designs were created for a photo session of a Spanish photographer “Salva garcia” on this occasion I was the stylist where I wanted to create a fusion between the dress, the necklace and the headpieces, in order to make a only color impact. Vintage-style images, which were highly acclaimed in clients, as they requested that we design their special necklaces for their dresses, necklaces that appear to be the dress they are attached to,

necklace jewelry theater

Our designs are handmade with cloth flowers, feathers, Czech crystal, cultured pearl and many more … do you want your design Do you dare to look spectacular with such an original costume necklace?

If you want an exclusive design, customized for your event, you just have to contact us, if it is possible to send an image of the dress, bag and shoes to see the colors, we create a design to show the client and have an idea of ​​what What we think to create, the client tells us if the design is successful or wants to modify it, we do what the client asks us, since you have to feel very sure of the design to be spectacular, so, if you have doubts, or want request a quote for your costume necklace, contact us !!

The Cloti Garcia Design firm was awarded in the capital of Spain-Madrid in 2015 with the Gold Medal of the European Forum for its designs and career. Cloti Garcia Design was created in 2010, a small store in the center of Almería in Andalusia, starting as a multi-brand store, little by little I was creating my designs and advising my clients, they asked me for exclusive and personalized designs and on commission I started creating the designs and I ended up creating my own jewelry collections and that was when in 2015 I received this medal as a young entrepreneur for my work and career.

In our online jewelry store, we also have an exclusive section of artistic jewelry designs, specially designed for the world of cinema and entertainment. Do not waste a second, go and check our gorgeous collection out and enjoy yourself!

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About Noa Pecino

The firm Noa Pecino offers its clients exclusive designs in high-end necklaces using materials such as Czech Crystal, Cultured Pearl and Semiprecious Stones, carefully made by hand by the designer.

Elegant pearl headpieces, crystal and other materials that can be adapted to any hairstyle.

The firm Noa Pecino was born in Almeria Spain, more than 10 years ago, the young designer of 24 years of age began to design headpieces and women’s necklaces being motivated by her own clients of her boutique, little by little she discovered new inspirations based on elegance and subtlety of women.

At age 27, she launched her first collection for the first time, “Aires del Sur” being a success among her clients, organizing her own private fashion shows.

Proud of her own creations and the claim of her clients, she launched her second collection “Sueños del Sur” collection for which she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum and began a long work and trajectory with her designs in luxury necklaces, magazines, stylists, TV began to work with the firm Noa Pecino Design for its original and elegant designs.

Currently working with major shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingles” and with renowned designers.