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new post dedicated to Quartz, is one of the minerals that we normally use in our collections, Quartz jewelry is a very elegant line in its wide variety of colors, a mineral with great strength and personality. Let’s talk about their properties, the different colors, their cleanliness and care. We will also talk about the Chakras, according to the color of the quartz corresponds to a Chakras of our body. So we started !!

Quartz jewelry ;

Gold Quartz jewelry;

As you know we are passionate about gold and Quartz jewelry . In our jewelry collection you can see a wide collection of quartz and Gold necklaces. As for example Ontario Necklace, this design is a necklace of large white quartz stones, golden hematite stone, mother of pearl beads, Czech crystal beads and clasp Gold. It is an authentic, unique and elegant jewel of spectacular beauty. We always create Quartz jewelry each different and in its variety, such as polished and unpolished quartz. the two minerals have great beauty and in colors like; Rose Quartz jewelry, green, brown, white ……

Luxury Quartz jewelry collections with this handmade Pomona necklace & Kaina bracelet necklace and bracelet set with multi-colored quartz, Czech crystal beads and 18k Gold clasp. An elegant design to include in any style and comfortable to use. Another example of our spectacular designs, which is having a lot of success among our customers, is the Pomona Rose quartz necklace. This fabulous necklace is also handmade in its entirety. It’s made of beautiful rose quartz stones in various shades and Czech crystal. Its closure is 18 carat gold, as in the rest of necklaces of our collection.

quartz jewelry cleaning and care

Cleaning and care:

methods for cleaning quartz;  

We always recommend not to use chemical products such as creams or fragrances that can damage the jewelry, for a good conservation. Store our jewelry in separate cloth bags, to avoid being damaged by other materials. For cleaning we recommend a soft cloth, we can soak it in clean water and rub each stone very softly with the damp and clean cloth. and to clean the Gold clasp, rub very softly with a clean dry cloth.

Quartz is one of the most used gems as a protective stone, to absorb positive energy and eliminate bad energy.

A widely used technique to load your quartz stone and clean it is to put the stone in sea salt and leave it 24 hours completely hidden by salt, after 24 hours clean your quartz with a soft cloth. So your stone recharges the positive energy and is ready to be your protector. You should also know that no one but you can touch this quartz stone.

jewelry quartz

All the chakras are the energy centers capable of accumulating and distributing energy to our body:

Properties types of quartz; Chakras.

*Pink quartz; It is the stone of love and peace. It is the mineral of the heart chakras.

* white quartz; It is a perfect negative energy cleanser, it is known as the self-help crystal and it is the quartz of the head chakras.

* green quartz; promotes mental and emotional stability, balances the nervous system. the pink and green quartz corresponds to the heart chakras.

* purple quartz (amethyst); It is the quartz of the family, it favors thought and mind.corresponds to the Third Eye chakras.

care jewelry quartz

Remember that when you buy a jewel from the firm Cloti Garcia Design you are acquiring a 100% handmade jewel .

*All our gems are real, we don’t work with imitations, and our closures are plated in 18k Gold and 5 microns. High quality jewelry. Also our shipping and customs charges are free! *

initial jewelry quartz

You can also find in our online store very special designs such as our Vantia rose quartz jewelry with initial. A very fine jewel line to use in our day to day. We have several initial necklace designs so you can select the necklace that you like the most!

Customize your jewel with your initial.

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About Noa Pecino

The firm Noa Pecino offers its clients exclusive designs in high-end necklaces using materials such as Czech Crystal, Cultured Pearl and Semiprecious Stones, carefully made by hand by the designer.

Elegant pearl headpieces, crystal and other materials that can be adapted to any hairstyle.

The firm Noa Pecino was born in Almeria Spain, more than 10 years ago, the young designer of 24 years of age began to design headpieces and women’s necklaces being motivated by her own clients of her boutique, little by little she discovered new inspirations based on elegance and subtlety of women.

At age 27, she launched her first collection for the first time, “Aires del Sur” being a success among her clients, organizing her own private fashion shows.

Proud of her own creations and the claim of her clients, she launched her second collection “Sueños del Sur” collection for which she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum and began a long work and trajectory with her designs in luxury necklaces, magazines, stylists, TV began to work with the firm Noa Pecino Design for its original and elegant designs.

Currently working with major shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingles” and with renowned designers.