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Ready for your wedding? You don’t have your perfect headpieces yet? Cool!! Because today we propose two designs that will make you fall in love! wedding headpiece with veil ,these handmade porcelain headpieces are magnificent to place with Veil, so, follow our post and discover these special designs for you.

New Artemisa Headpiece;

headpieces  wedding with veil

We love this magical Artemisa tiara style design, it is handmade in molded porcelain shaped like leaves, flowers and other details, each piece is hand painted in golden color and with a very romantic and old style, the profiles of each piece are painted in dark bronze to give an aged effect. This design is perfect for placing the veil, a design made for wedding headpiece with veil.

Espectacular Neptuno headpiece;

headpiece bridal wedding veil

Designed for the most classic …. this super elegant Neptuno headpieces with a baroque style, handmade in porcelain, molded in the shape of leaves, branches, flowers and painted in silver with the edges in a soft golden tone, an effect Very special for the most special bride. This design is perfect to place with a veil, the color is also customized a unique design .

The best  wedding headpiece with veil

Special tiara headpieces for the most elegant bride … Two designs Neptuno & Artemisa with a very elegant line to place with the veil .

These two designs are perfect for hairstyles with pick or semi-picked,they are universal designs that is why you can add it to your wedding or guest look, just by changing the color of the design.

All our designs are created by hand in Spain, to moderate our porcelain pieces we do not use molds, they are all created and hand painted one by one, that is why we can say that our work and our designs are unique, we always look for the difference among the other brands and create different pieces always with our line of elegant and romantic designs.

flower headpiece wedding with veil

We always want to offer our client the best product and service, we also want to inform you that the designs can be customized color.

For example; You like the Neptune headpieces but you want it in white and with the profiles in silver, you just have to send us an email and communicate the color modification you want to be your perfect headpieces with veil and we create it.

All our designs are adaptable for easy placement in the hairstyle selected by the client and taking into account the hairdressing section, so that the stylist does not have any difficulty when molding the headdress or placement.

the best headpiece wedding bridal

When you buy a headpieces from Cloti Garcia Design, you are buying a job that was 100% handmade

Luxury headpiece bridal how to put it on :

In this post we are going to talk about the placement of a headpieces with a veil.

Girls is not difficult, practically all the headpieces that you can find in Cloti Garcia Design, then use them with the veil. Today, there are many techniques and styles of placing the veil and headpieces.

Formerly the meaning of the veil was to protect the purity of the bride, today we use it as a more traditional complement, but many brides no longer use a veil and only complement their hairstyle with a headpieces.

You have three forms of placement;

1- you put your headpieces on the hairstyle and the veil normally has a comb, because just below where the headpieces ends you place your veil, so that the headpieces looks like being on top of the veil.

2-It depends on the design of the headpieces, you put your veil on the hairstyle and then you place the headpieces so that it is above the veil.

3- There are many brides who, in the Church, only wear the veil and in the celebration they take it off and add the headpieces to their hairstyle.

The placement really depends on how the headpieces design is, it is not difficult, and it is to adapt the two complements so that they are perfect!

A recognition to work and fight to make a dream come true, to do what you like best “Create unique headpieces wedding”

The firm Cloti Garcia Design was awarded in the capital of Spain -Madrid in 2015 with the Gold Medal of the European Forum for its designs and career.

Cloti Garcia Design was created in 2010, a small shop in the center of Almeria in Andalucia, starting as a multi-brand store, little by little I was creating my designs and advising my clients, it was increasingly requested by brides to create their headpieces and that was when in 2015.

I was awarded this medal as a young enterprising woman.

Contact the firm Cloti Garcia Design you can send us an email with your questions or queries and we will respond immediately;

info @ jewelry-stores. net

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About Noa Pecino

The firm Noa Pecino offers its clients exclusive designs in high-end necklaces using materials such as Czech Crystal, Cultured Pearl and Semiprecious Stones, carefully made by hand by the designer.

Elegant pearl headpieces, crystal and other materials that can be adapted to any hairstyle.

The firm Noa Pecino was born in Almeria Spain, more than 10 years ago, the young designer of 24 years of age began to design headpieces and women’s necklaces being motivated by her own clients of her boutique, little by little she discovered new inspirations based on elegance and subtlety of women.

At age 27, she launched her first collection for the first time, “Aires del Sur” being a success among her clients, organizing her own private fashion shows.

Proud of her own creations and the claim of her clients, she launched her second collection “Sueños del Sur” collection for which she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Europe Forum and began a long work and trajectory with her designs in luxury necklaces, magazines, stylists, TV began to work with the firm Noa Pecino Design for its original and elegant designs.

Currently working with major shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingles” and with renowned designers.